Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club Not Competing With Anyone


Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club Not Competing With Anyone

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There comes a time in life when change is necessary, when the old-order needs to be left behind and a progressive future embraced. This is the story of Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club, a club that was formed out of necessity in order to meet the world best practice as obtainable in other parts of the world.

The founder of Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Abayomi Ogunjimi having gone through the rank and files of the first existed Supporters Club in Nigeria, having served as Youth Chairman, Social Secretary and First vice Chairman saw the need to set up a progressive brand that truly represents what supporters club stands for.

The Wrongs Of The Old

It will interest you to know that the founder of the first supporters club that was hijacked and personalised were foreigners. They founded and funded the club, gave room to changes, it was smooth run not until our people out of selfishness and greediness colonized the group and made it a personal business.

It became military, young ones with big ideas were not allowed to go far, ideas keep dying. It was no longer fun. A drift from supporting into politics and personal gains became the order of the day.

The Supporters club became toxic to the mindful youths, who saw no future with the old order and decided to form their own Supporters Club with unique visions.

The old supporters club was remodeled by the greedy ones to have just one leader all through its useful life. The need for Paradigm shift emanated and we had to shift. The old supporters club were satisfied with the status quo of backwardness having been left behind by modernization.

The Many Supporters Club

A simple research will show you that there are different sections of fans within clubs and national teams, their converging goal is to give support and cheer their teams to victory. A look at Ghana, there are 7 different factions of supporters club and they operate mutually exclusive.

What Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club Stands For

We are not in competition with anyone, we set the pace, others can only catch us if they can. ANFSC has made other Supporters Club to sit up and this is very good for fans across the nation.

We are a passionate group, motivated to succeed. We are an entity registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission.

We are digitalized, the structure of Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club gives room to change of leadership. We have our Secretariat that will be open on 20th March 2020. Dignitaries that includes ladies and gentlemen of the press will witness an unprecedented action that has never happened since the history of Supporters Club in Nigeria.

We are open and accessible to all that loves sports, football in particular, members of the old supporter club who can key in into the vision and Mission of ANFSC are welcome. We single handedly sponsored our members to AFCON in Egypt, we were back to Egypt same year for Olympic qualifiers, we were in Singapore and cheered our Eagles as Brazil forced the team to a draw, the president of the club went to the point of selling his landed property in order to actualize this Lofty vision of ours. Check the record and you will see that no other Supporters Club came close in achieving our fate. We don’t wait, we move with passion and seriousness.

We are well recognized by the Nigeria Football Federation and Sports Ministry. The Sports Minister Sunday Dare and NFF president Amaju Pinnick are men of progress and they need people like us in helping actualizing the reforms that they are embarking on.

In a short while, we have been able to secure endorsement from Cooperate bodies, Players and Celebrities. Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club is an irresistible brand and we keep upping the standard for Supporters Club.


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