Bash Ali Announces Proposed Date For Guinness World Book of Record Bout


Bash Ali Announces Proposed Date For Guinness World Book of Record Bout

By Niyi Busari

Former World Cruiserweight Champion, Bash Ali has announced October 2020 as the proposed date for the Guinness Book of Record bout, reports.

The 64-year-old former boxing champion will become the oldest boxer to fight a professional bout at 64, when the scheduled bout see the light of the day. When the most talk about bout takes place, it will put his name and Nigeria in the Guinness Book of Record as the oldest boxer to win a world title.

Bash Ali on Wednesday morning on BSN Sports WhatsApp platform dropped the statement following the recent announcement of Nigeria government distancing itself from the bout. The statement reads: “I am sorry that the criminals at the ministry of Sports gave some of you guys high blood pressure and serious headache.” Bash said.

“I am truly sorry, anytime anything great wants to happen in Nigeria as long as they are not benefitting from it, they will do their best to kill it.” He continues.

“I want everyone to know that i am in total control and confident that the historical bout will hold on October 2020” Bash Ali stated on BSN Sports WhatsApp platform.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has urged Bash Ali, who was informed through his lawyer, B.O. Nafagha & Co., to refrain from acts that interfere with the activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, where the former world cruiserweight champion has been pressuring officials to endorse the fight.

The ministry asserts that the proposed bout falls under the purview of the Nigerian Boxing Board of Control (NBBofC), being a professional category that is purely a business concern and acting on instructions from the Presidency, cannot interfere in a matter over which another organization has jurisdiction.


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