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Forget 2019/20 Season, Focus on The Next – LMC Tells NNL, NLO, Women’s League

By Niyi Busari

The League Management Company, LMC, has proposed that the Nigerian National League (NNL), Nationwide League One (NLO) and the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) Should forget about starting the current season and focus on fresh start of the oncoming season, can report.

LMC Chairman, Mallam Shehu Dikko stated this on Channels TV on Monday morning adding that commencement of the lower leagues at this time require huge funds while beginning of next season is few months away.

Speaking on the sports programme from Abuja studio, Dikko said, “We have been in discussion with the NFF and every body involved, we have looked at possibility of what is going to happen to all those leagues based on this circumstances.

“You can see even most of the developed countries are more focused on finishing the elite leagues because of the finances involved.

“May be at the end of the day the decision will be whether to have a fresh start and see they can move ahead to the next season based on circumstances on ground, pending when the country will be opened up. That is our conversation which is on the table of the NFF to be decided by the federation.

He further explained that many countries have canceled the lower league but concentrated only on concluding the elite leagues.

“The Women League has not started, the NLO has not started, the NNL has just started with few games. Having fresh logistics, fresh funds injection and we are considering having a fresh start of those leagues at this time is not 100% sure. Most countries have canceled the lower leagues and looking at possibility of pushing the elite league to the end.” Dikko concluded.

Meanwhile, the Chief Operating Officer, COO, of the Nationwide League One (NLO) last week assured Nigerians that the lower league will be played in eight weeks.


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