CAF Elections: West Africa Candidates May Form Alliance



CAF Elections: West Africa Candidates May Form Alliance

By Sampson Adedeji

With a little more than three months to the election of the presidency of the African Football Confederation, the contenders across the continent continue to work round the clock in order to secure more votes, reports.

Out of the five contestants for the position of the president, three came from West Africa, name Jacques Anouma (Coted’ivoire) Augustin Sengor (Senegal) and Ahmad Yahaya (Mauritania).

Senegal’s Sengor while speaking on RFI, he said he does not rule out alliance coming later down the road.

“Alliances are possible. I do not rule out anything, I have spoken of a pan-Africanist approach concerning my candidacy lately, if we find an agreement, so much the better”, explained Augustin Senghor.

“There is time to discuss … Even during the elections, there is the possibility of finding agreements”, added the one who is also a member of the executive committee of CAF since January 2018.

We wait to see if that will materialise as many things will still unfold as election date gets closer.

The election is fixed for March 2021.


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