Dilichukwu Calls for Gradual Reopening of Sporting Activities


    Dilichukwu Calls for Gradual Reopening of Sporting Activities

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    The acting Secretary of Social Development Secretariat, FCT Dr. (Mrs) Dilichukwu Onyedinma has called for gradual reopening of sporting activities particularly the non-contact sports.

    Dilichukwu said COVID-19 has been a major setback for the sporting industry but as a nation we need to take our destiny in our own hands by fighting back while sports offers us that opportunity.
    “I have had cases where people complained of dying gradually because they could not engage in exercise activities especially people in their 50’s and early 60’s, sports used to be their only means of escaping boredom, exercising their bones, making their system active but that has been taken from them.”

    She also went further to talk about the impact of these on professional athletes.
    “The professional athletes or domestic athletes are suffering the most because they are used to spending their abundant energy on the track, football field or getting engaged in one sporting activity or the other but that is not possible anymore.”
    She however called for gradual reopening of sporting activities especially the non-contact sports like abula, tennis, golf, archery, canoeing and table tennis, saying by following proper procedures these sports can be used to make statement by the federal government.
    “If religious and market activities can be allowed to resume there is nothing stopping non-contact sports from not resuming.” she said.

    She commended the FCT Minister Muhammad Musa Bello and Minister of State, Hajiya Ramatu Tijani for the efforts they have made so far in assisting the populace during these difficult period showing that they understand the challenges faced by Abuja residents while also ensuring that most public places abide by the COVID-19 protocol through the FCT taskforce thereby mitigating heavy impact the virus would have had on the populace .


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