Eid-il Kabir: Ex-Sports Minister, Dalung Felicitates With Muslims


    Eid-il Kabir: Ex-Sports Minister, Dalung Felicitates With Muslims

    By Abdullahi Isa

    The former minister of youths and sport development Barr. Solomon Dalung in a facilitation message on his official Facebook page urged Nigerians to use the celebration of Eid-il Kabir in extending hands of friendship beyond tribes and religious boundaries.

    He said, “I hold this truth to evident that the violence and blood-letting oozing all over the Northern landscape is an unacceptable threat to our common heritage and diversity, I believe this truth to be evident that we can only conquer divisiveness this nation of ours with love, peace and justice and nothing else, I hold this truth as evident that all human beings are created diversely but equal and that the struggle to defeat inequality, discrimination, nepotism, hatred, favouritism, bigotry and ethnic chauvinism is attainable with the weapon of peace.

    He added, “I refused to be quiet until all the things that seek to divide and deny us the privileges of unity are toppled and totally destroyed. I will not be silence until there’s justice and equality to all regardless of your social status, tribe, creed or race, I know this truth to be eternal that though created differently and placed in one country with a purpose, this purpose is attainable only with freedom, justice and fairness. I accept this truth as evident that our nation and its people has no relationship with poverty, hunger and unemployment, if corruption is determinedly combated collectively as epidemic.

    He also continued by saying making his prediction on Nigeria despite the challenges and wish the Muslims a successful celebration. “I am not naive but convinced that a time will come when across Rivers Niger and Benue, a new anthem will be sang in all tribes and languages but in unison saying never again shall our country ever passes through this way. With these words, I joined the Muslim ummah in celebrating Eid-kabir, a period of self rededicate to service of Allah. I urged you all to emulate the exemplary life of Prophet Mohammed, (Pbuh), which is kindness, humility, selflessness and peace.
    With the pandemic, this year’s celebration requires that we reflect on our relationship with others employing the parameters of love and kindness.
    As a friend of Islam and humanity, I am familiar with my rights of share from the sacrificial lamb meant for community of the Prophet, I will hereby be expecting all those who cherished this prophetic tradition to discharge this burden. Wish you happy Sallah celebrations with love, he concluded.


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