FIBA WWC: France Outdunk D’Tigress 82-64, Awaits Opponent For 7-8

FIBA WWC: France Outdunk D’Tigress 82-64, Awaits Opponent For 7-8

…Awaits Winner Between China/Canada For 7-8 Classification

By Niyi Busari

Nigeria will go down in the history of the FIBA Women World Cup as the first team to hold USA under 10 points in the 1st quarter at the world cups and Olympics and also the first team to the USA less than 10 points in any quarter since Russia 2006.

The qualification in the 5-6 classification between Nigeria and France started as on a ding dong affair at the Alanza Tu Sueno Arena. D’Tigress started like a house on fire to out score France 20-18 points at the end of the first quarter.

As the second quarter progresses France took over the initiative with some 3 points wide.

In what seems like burning out of energy, the Nigerian senior women national team started losing it gradually as the second quarter ended 40-34 points in favour of France.

D’Tigress were lagging behind in converting free throws and slamming the ball into the net when they attack. Physically, the French have the upper hand as they are look stronger and taller than their Nigerian counterparts.

To get to the qualification of round 5-6 classification D’Tigress have scored a total of 313 points and conceded 351 points. For France, the team scored 365 baskets and shipped in 347 in 5 matches.

D’Tigress will face the loser between China/Canada in the 7-8 classification game tomorrow. While France face the winner in the 5-6 classification.

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