French Ligue One; Koumbouare Urge Clubs To Go On Strike


French Ligue One; Koumbouare Urge Clubs To Go On Strike

By Sampson Adedeji

The French Lique board last week declared Paris St German the champions despite having few matches remaining, the decision made former Toulouse boss Antoine Koumbouare to urge the affected club to go on strike in the new season.

PSG was declared champion last week after the French government decided against resumption of the league until September 2020, BSN Reports.

Clubs like Olympic Lyon, Amiens are already complaining the decisions.

Koumbouare said the clubs should embark on a strike action in the new season.

“I would be saying the same if it had affected Brest, Nîmes, Dijon, Metz or St Étienne… this is a profound injustice.

Players and managers should all agree to go on strike from the beginning of next season if things don’t evolve.”

He added that he was “not questioning why the league was suspended, because there is a health crisis that is more important than football.”

“I am waiting for Philippe Piat and Sylvain Kastendeuch (players union presidents) to get a move on.

We aren’t hearing anything from them on this. The same of Raymond Domenech (managers union president).

Mr Le Graët (FFF president), would he have agreed to all this if Guingamp had been among the sides relegated (Le Graët used to be Guingamp president)? Now, we have to have voices heard and go for broke.”

“There will be layoffs. Even at the amateur level, it will hurt. Having players end their careers in this way is terribly unfair. And I have always hated injustice.

Regarding the suffering and the anxiety born out of this crisis, we have to be united. We are not united enough. It scares me,” he concluded.


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