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IHF To Decide on 2027 World Cup Host on Friday

By Niyi Busari

The world association International Handball Federation (IHF) will decide on the 2027 Handball World Cup host in Cairo on Friday.

It is however, not clear whether, after the 2019 World Cup at home, Germany be awarded the contract for hosting the Handball World Cup 2027.

The German Handball Federation (DHB) then hopes to win the 2025 Women’s World Cup, which the DHB had applied for with the Netherlands.

“Our vision is to make the 1920s the decade of handball, we want to further establish handball in society with these major events.” said DHB CEO Mark Schober.

The DHB will travel to Egypt with Schober, President Andreas Michelmann, Vice President Bob Hanning, World Cup project manager Thomas Freyer and ex-professionals Isabell and Dominik Klein. The German delegation may even be able to look forward to a pack of three, because the DHB had also applied for the U21 World Cup in 2023.

“We are convinced that Germany would be a wonderful host again,” said Dominik Klein.

The chances for the DHB are good. In addition to Germany, only Croatia, Denmark and Norway are applying for the 2027 men’s World Cup as joint organizers. Since the trio is also the only applicant for the 2025 World Cup, Germany’s chances for the tournament increase two years later. At the Women’s World Cup 2025 there are no other applicants besides Germany and the Netherlands.


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