Ituen unveils team in Abuja, to play NLO next season


Ituen unveils team in Abuja, to play NLO next season

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Proprietor of Ituen Football Academy, Mr. Ituen Idongesit has promised to launch his team into the Nationwide League One, NLO, next season, can report.

Ituen said he his confident his boys will take the NLO by storm the same way they did in the local league in Akwa-Ibom State.
He said the boys only lost three matches out of about 100 matches played so far at the local level adding that he is confident that the boys will reenact this form when the NLO starts.

“What I have done is to identify these boys and put them into my Academy and I believe the future is bright for them,” he said.
We are getting set for the NLO, we have just engaged a top coach to complement the ones we have on ground and very soon we shall go into full scale camping in readiness for the season.
“We need government to invest in Academy in Nigeria, in most advanced countries, government get involved with academy they set up policy to help build the game but in Nigeria most state governments put their investment in a wrong places.

Most state governments have clubs and the club chairmen recycle players so how do you develop the young ones for Nigeria? he querried.

He said Ituen’s focus is to help build young players that will grow to play for the National teams in the future citing the example of 3 of their players who were part of the last National U-17 team as an example.
Ituen said most of his players are within the age bracket of 16 to 19 which represents the future of the country’s football.


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