Lack Of Adequate Preparations Cost Plateau United – Ezeji



Lack Of Adequate Preparations Cost Plateau United – Ezeji

By Sampson Adedeji

Former Nigeria Professional Football League player, Victor Ezeji, has said inadequate preparations was the reason Plateau United crashed out at the early stage of the CAF champions league, reports.

Plateau United lost out at the preliminary round of the CAF champions league to Simba SC of Tanzania, having lost at home in the first leg.

During a radio interview conducted by Isaiah Akinremi on Impact Business Radio ( IBR), Ezeji condemned slashing the players salary because of performance but blamed the whole situation on poor preparations.

” It’s trend that has been on for a while that is what we are trying to do, barely 24 hours when the new broke out, the GM came out and said he was misquoted, that wasn’t what he meant he was only trying to do a damage control because of the pressure he has to put the pressure on both players, technical crew and other stakeholders.

There is no where in the players contract that the salary should be slashed, Plateau United was in good form and lead the pack last season, there was no time we heard that extra allowances and bonus were given to the players, so you cannot just come after two games and said you are slashing salary .

If they have prepared very well I’m very sure they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are.

The players played a draw in the last game, they didn’t pay extra bonus, you played the game as they come you don’t expect your players to win everrytime.

It boils down to the players themselves, there is no where in their contract that said that, that why we keep educating the players that you have to stand up for yourself, but the problem we have in Nigeria is that players do something collectively forgetting that they signed different contract.

“if somebody cam rise up and said this is not the contract I signed im very sure the management will be very careful,” he stated.


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