Many Africa Football Clubs Will Die – Weah


Many Africa Football Clubs Will Die – Weah

By Sampson Adedeji

Following the damaged that may have be done by corona virus, the President of Liberia and former World Best Player, George Opong Weah has predicted doom for football clubs across Africa.

Except for Burundi league, no league in Africa has return due to corona virus and suspension of leagues across the continent may have adverse effect on the club econony.

Weah, former AC Milan attacker said some Africa clubs will collapse because they don’t have the financial muscle to carry on after the pandemic.

“The driving force behind sport is mainly made up of ticketing revenues and sponsors – where they no longer exist, many clubs will collapse and many leagues will close permanently.

“ I believe that the future of sport in Africa after Covid-19 is bleak and that it is not certain to recover from it. It will be urgent to revive football and other disciplines,” Weah said.

Weah remained the only Africa player to have emerged winner of Ballon D’or which he clinched in 1995.


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