NCF/PwC U17 Cricket: South-south Girls Emerge Champions For 2nd Time



NCF/PwC U17 Cricket: South-south Girls Emerge Champions For 2nd Time

Akanimo Kufre

The South-south girls on Sunday at Edo Boys High School Cricket ground proved their superiority again thanks to coach Peter Esewi and Izulu George, coupled with good training facility supported largely by NCF Vice President and South-south ZONAL representative, Mr Uyi Akpata.

The South-south Queens defeated North-Central by 7 wickets and again Piety Lucky had runs rate of 147.37 playing 28 runs off 19 balls. Uranta Divine followed with 100.00 runs rate, playing 14 runs off 14 balls making the girls stroll into easy victory.

Spectators would have had a more exciting finals if the high scoring South-south batted first

Expectedly the North-Central girls batsmen were caged by South-south superior fielding experience. North Central girls managed to play out 20 overs but score a palty 59 runs, lost 8. Definitely less of a team that played unbeaten and first to qualify for the finals.

The South-south U17 Queens was set for a cheap walk into victory, the coach had to bring different starting batsmen for competition experience, even when South-south had lost 3 wickets in 2 overs they were not in the mud for long. They party changed when Divine Uranta welcome in the new ‘Queen of Benin’, Piety Lucky, and sooner than expected the duo wrap the winning runs in 8.1 overs.

Coach Peter Esewi said the success was largely in due to training, hard work, and Cricket discipline.

“The game turn out well, we worked for it and it turns out to our advantage.” Coach Esewi said.

Yesterday’s victory made South-south girls the second time winners back to back.

PwC sponsor for the tournament were proud to see improvement in the game at grassroots and promised continued sponsorship in the next 3 years.

Similarly, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports representative, said the ministry is committed to support Cricket development henceforth.

Mr. Uyi Akpata again emphasized the impact of positive outcome as a major drive to invest in Cricket and grassroots sports development. He urged the kids to take their studies seriously as the corporate world look forward to the qualities enshrined in cricket culture- self discipline and team management.

Outstanding in the award ceremony was the quality of silver wares, the fact that all medals and trophies came in from UK reflected the standard of improvement in 2 season old tournament.

Best Bowlers Hassan, team South-south, Best batsman, Lilian Ude, South East, Best Behaved player, Rukijat Abdurazak, and MVP with 158 runs, 14year-old Piety Lucky. She also won a scholarship from PETS Foundation.


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