NLO: Organiser Gives Club Conditions Before Start of 2020/2021 Season



NLO: Organiser Gives Club Conditions Before Start of 2020/2021 Season

By Sampson Adedeji

In readiness for the new league season, organiser of the Nigeria Nationwide League (NLO) has give conditions to participating clubs to be fulfilled  before the commencement of the season, reports.

According to the chief operation officer (COO), of the league, Sola Ogunowo,  all the conditions must be adequately met in order to ensure smooth running of the season.

The conditions rolled out are as follow:

Arrangements for stadium leagues (replica of the zonal league), as it is due to the current financial situation in the country, the risk of COVID-19 ravaging the world, and to meet up with the time frame given by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to complete the season, so the league can return back to the previous formation when normalcy returns.

It also made it mandatory for all clubs to present evidence of affiliation to their respective State Football Association and evidence of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) incorporation. This is to ensure that clubs comply with the best international best practices.

Medical examination of players and officials is expected to be carried out 72 hours at match venues before the commencement of games. It further warned all clubs that its Secretariat would not accept any excuses from the club(s) who refused to comply with its directives.


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