NNL: Drama In Zaria As Match Commissioner Calls For Stoppage of Match At 74th Minute


NNL: Drama In Zaria As Match Commissioner Calls For Stoppage of Match At 74th Minute

By Niyi Busari

There was dramatic moment at the Kabama Dogara Stadium, Zaria the venue of the Nigeria National League match between Green Beret FC and EFCC FC as the Match Commissioner, Ado Salisu from Kano called for the stoppage of the match at 74th minute and requested for continuation of the remaining 16 minutes at 8 am Sunday morning, BSNSports.com.ng can report.

According to the reliable source who was at the venue and spoke with BSN Sports, the center referee, Mohammed Zachi, the two Assistant referees (Mohammed Ibn and Ibrahim Lamido, both from Yobe state) aa well as all players on the pitch were surprised when he called for the game to be abandoned even when the rain didn’t affect the flow of the ball on the grass.

The State FA Secretary had two minutes before the game was called off came down from the stand to tell the Match officials to stop the match from continuing. Mohammed Zachi bounced the ball to convince Ado Salisu and FA secretary that the rain was not enough to stop the match that whose result would be determined in the next 16 minutes.

The center referee action forced Ado Salisu to come to the touch line from the stand and commanded the officials to halt the game saying that the remaining 16 minutes will be concluded tomorrow.

The Abuja based team held Green Beret FC to a 0-0 draw before the game was called off and there were insinuations that the reason the game was called off was to manipulate the the result in favour of the hosts.

Nigeria National League NNL which was on half season break returned for the second stanza today, Saturday May 8, 2021.

Some games which were scheduled to hold today have been postponed to Sunday due to late appointment of match officials.

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