NNL Management Refuses To Confirm Super 8 Playoff Format


NNL Management Refuses To Confirm Super 8 Playoff Format

By Niyi Busari

Chief Operating Officer of the Nigeria National League, Mr Lawrence Katken refused to confirm the format the NNL management will deploy in 2019 Super 8 playoff, BSNSports.com.ng can report.

Katken while speaking with www.bsnsports.com.ng on the clarification on whether the 2019 NNL Super will be played on round robin format like last season or the eight teams will be divided into Northern and Southern clubs which will see four clubs who topped their groups from the Southern Conference play a round robin among themselves to produce two clubs while the four Northern Conference group winners do the same.

Reacting to the question, Katken said until the last 2019 NNL match is played, the management can not categorically state how the playoff will look like.

“We are still waiting for the outcome of our matches tomorrow (Tuesday) when we finish our (NNL) league we will tell the public how the Super 8 will be played.” He told BSN Sports

Recall that the eight teams that qualified for the Super 8 last season assembled in Asaba, played a round robin format where the top four teams gained promotion to the NPFL.

This season’s Super 8 playoff format is still unclear as some club administrators argued that it was agreed during the congress that group winners will play each other in one legged playoff match. According to them, the winner of the match automatically qualify fir the NPFL. For instance, Group A1 winner will trade tackles with with group A2 winner, A3 will slug it out with A4, group A5 and A6 will fight for the NPFL ticket while A7 and A8 will settle scores and the winner will pick a slot to the NPFL. According this unconfirmed statement, after the 8 group winners face each others, the winners of one-legged match will pick four available 2019 NPFL slots .


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