Ondo FA Election: Baribote Rubbishes NFF Interference, Says Ibrahim Gusau Acts Out Of Ignorance


Ondo FA Election: Baribote Rubbishes NFF Interference, Says Ibrahim Gusau Acts Out Of Ignorance

By Our Reporter

Former Chairman, Nigeria Premier League, NPL, Chief Rumson Baribote has said that the Nigeria Football Federation letter of annulment of Ondo state FA election is an act of interference which has no backing in the statue, BSNSports.com.ng can report.

The Chairman of Nembe City FC added that the nation’s football governing body’s action is against FIFA and NFF statues.

“The NFF letter amount to interference according to Article 18 subsection 2 of the NFF statute which states that “All affiliate members must be independent to manage their affairs without external influence.”

“Ondo State FA Election is an internal matter and the Congress of Ondo state has ratified that during delegate meeting to have an election.”

Baribote reiterated that states FAs election is an internal matter and that Chairman of Chairmen, Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau acted out of ignorance to write a letter from the secretariat of the NFF cancelling an election that was conducted by Ondo state FA which was ratified by the Congress, adding that if there is any aggrieved party, they should have made their complaint known to the Electoral Appeal Committee and not the NFF.

“The Chairman of Chairmen, Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau is acting out of ignorance. According to the letter from the NFF, he was quoted to have cancelled an election and directed the State FA to conduct a fresh election. He should know that state FAs election is an internal matter and should be treated as such.”

“It is only the Secretary General of the NFF that have the power from the secretariat to direct anybody to write a letter, though he also lacked the power to write letter cancelling a state FA election. As chairman of Chairmen, he has no right to direct any staff within the secretariat to write any letter to cancel any state congress election and more importantly, there is nothing like election committee in NFF Statue.

“Ondo state FA set up their own Electoral Committee. Electoral Committee is set up by Congress to take care of the elections including hearing complains from aggrieved members.”

“So, it is therefore, wrong to interfere in their State FA election. FIFA don’t interfere in CAF election as CAF don’t also interfere in NFF election. Ondo state FA election is an internal matter and that letter amount to interference.”

According to the letter, one of the major reason that the state FA election was nullified was the use of policemen as delegates during the election but Baribote opined that the police can be a delegate if they are an affiliate of the state FA.

“The question we should ask ourselves is are the police affiliate of the state FA? All state FAs have their own affiliate. If they’re affiliate to Ondo state FA, Gusua cannot stop them from being a delegate because it is their right to be part of the delegate.”

“It is congressional decision that he cannot be overruled. Ondo state FA election annulment is against FIFA nad NFF statues. Article 18 Subsection 2 of NFF and Article 17 subsection 2 of FIFA statues states: “That all affiliates must be independent to manage their own affairs without external influence.

If there is any aggrieve party or individual the Electoral Committee has their own Appeal Committee set up to hear any complains from any aggrieved member within a stipulated time .

“Even if a faction of the Ondo State FA wrote a letter to the NFF, it has to go through Executive Committee and if the letter written to the NFF does not go through the State Appeal Committee then, it is null and void because there is a process, after any election complaints must be forwarded to the Appeal Committee and not NFF to act upon.

“It is when you have been to the Appeal Committee and dissatisfied with tgeur decision that you can now write to the Executive Committee of the NFF and not the one not recognised by the Federation statue. The NFF Executive Committee can then take the case to the state FA Congress. This is the right procedure according to the statue.”

“As we are trying to make peace within football family, this move and others like this will create more problems.”He concluded


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