OSGFCE: Players Development Should Be Paramount Than Winning Trophy At Grassroot – National U-15 Coach


    OSGFCE: Players Development Should Be Paramount Than Winning Trophy At Grassroot – National U-15 Coach

    By Sampson Adedeji

    Development and players discoveries should be the main objectives of coaches at the grassroot level, that is the reason Oyo State Grassroot coaches are already taking the bull by the horn, BSNSports.com.ng reports.

    Oyo State Grassroot Football Coaching Education ( OSGFCE) on its famous Whatsapp group hosted Nigeria National U15 head coach Usman Haruna Ilerika, who took his time to lecture them on how to developed and discovered players at the grassroot level.

    While delivering his speech, the eloquent gaffer de-emphasis win at all cost syndrome a d asked the coaches to focus more on the development of the players.

    ” We must put one thing in my mind in grassroots football, if you look at my explanations overtime, I want you to de-emphasis winning of trophies, if you think that if you have not won trophy, you are not doing well, earnestly us a lie.

    You need to win trophy if the opportunity of winning trophy is there, what you need mostly is how to impact these children.

    The 9 technical elements, passing, Shooting, heading, tackling, heading etc, this are the things they need.

    Only dribbling can take you so many months because we have different ways of teaching the kids, and also different ways of teaching them set pieces and different things in football, so we have to create enough of our time for small sided game on the field that can help the child to develop technically first.

    If a child knows how to control ball, pass within a small area, riggle out within a small space, by the time he get to two a side situation it will look as if football made easy .

    What kills Africa players mostly is because we want to dribbled 4 to 5 players at a time, is not in vogue in football, what you need is to allow the ball to do the running then you run into space.

    Support is another ingredients in football that can help any player to become a world class player, you give somebody a pass, give him support, they will applauds you and tells you that you are best ,this are the kind of things we should be teaching these kids.

    NIgeria as nation we don’t have a football character, in Holland for instance, what they played is 4-3-3 in the entire Dutch football.

    In Nigeria some coaches know how to play 4-4-2, some 3-5-2 etc all these tactics is being played based on the quality of players you have .

    But at U-15 level, how can you determine the quality of players you have, at that level, they are general, don’t specify let them play free and enjoy the game .

    Conditioning the game when they are playing so that they will not be doing unnecessary handling of the ball and doing bad things with the ball, but at the same time allow them to feel free with ball .

    Control and pass is very essential, everyday at every training, one thing remained paramount they must learn how to control and pass drill, it’s required all their life because it’s what make player exceptional,” he stated.

    He further explained the importance of tournament and competitions at the grassroot level, he said that is the only way the growth and development of a player can be determined.

    Competitions is very important because, whatever you are teaching them, you will want to see how they translating it and the only way to translate through tournament and competition.

    When you watch them play with different set of people and opposition you will be able to know.

    When a team is showing inferiority complex you need to let them get over it and it’s through competition that you can do that, because that is the only way you can know if they are learning or not,” he concluded.

    Coach Bolarinwa Obalola also know as Kobayashi took his time to applaud the gaffer who spare his time to impact them, also the Director of Shooting Stars Academy Ayo Adeyemo tendered his sincere appreciation to the soft spoken coach for honouring their invite and delivered a good virtual training to the pool of grassroot coaches under the auspices of Oyo State Grassroot Football Coaching Education ( OSGFCE).


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