Pinnick Indicts Former NFF President, Aminu Maigari


Pinnick Indicts Former NFF President, Aminu Maigari

By Adeolu Kelani

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) President, Amaju Pinnick has criticised former NFF President, Alhaji Aminu Maigari, can report.

Pinnick in a during an interview he recently made accused Maigari of avarice.

The NFF president stated clearly that different between thebtwo of them (himself and Magairi) is the love for money, adding that he let go of the yearly Twelve Million Naira (N12m) only house rent entitlement because he doesn’t like money as much as his predecessor.

“My predecessor (Aminu Maigari) got N12m to N13m every year for accommodation. In four years that is N48m. I have been president for five years, I have the same entitlements, I have not collected a dime for accommodation. The reason why I am doing that is not because I have too much money, but simply following my passion. So when I hear people say NFF board members are corrupt I wonder where the corruption is coming from.”

Last Tuesday, April 30th 2019 at FCT High Court, Maitama three NFF officials, Christopher Andekin (Director of Administration and Finance), Reagan Zaka (Cashier) and Fadanari Mamza (Head, Finance and Account Department) who are accused of mishandling $9.5 million and $1.3 million were arraigned before the court.

The claimant, Economic and Finacial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had on 23rd April filed a motion applying for amendment of the charge to include additional two top NFF officials (Amaju Pinnick and Mohammed Sanusi) into the matter.

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