Rwanda Could Host Three Groups Of 2021 AfroBasket Qualifiers


Rwanda Could Host Three Groups Of 2021 AfroBasket Qualifiers

By Sampson Adedeji

Rwanda could host three of the five qualifying groups for the 2021 FIBA AfroBasket.

FIBA Africa inquired about the possibility of the final tournament hosts next year to also host the November qualifiers for Groups A and B.

Initially, Rwanda was due to host qualifiers for Group D, in which they were pooled along with Nigeria, Algeria, and Mali.

“Regarding the pandemic situation and the lack of sanitary safety in other countries, we would like to benefit from Rwanda’s good policy of management to fight successfully the Covid19,” reads part of the letter Fiba Africa addressed to Rwanda Basketball Federation (FERWABA) .

“In framework of the AfroBasket 2021 Qualifiers to be played in November, we would like to check with you the possibility for you to host other groups of competition in your venue.

“As you are hosting Group D, we need to know under which conditions you can host 1 or 2 others groups – Pool A and B.”

Qualifiers Groups:

Group A: Tunisia, Central African Republic, DR Congo and Madagascar
Group B: Senegal, Angola, Mozambique and Kenya
Group C: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Equatorial Guinea
Group D: Nigeria, Mali, Rwanda and Algeria
Group E: Morocco, Egypt, Uganda and winner of Zone 3


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