There Is Nothing To Probe In The Ownership of Osun United – Management


There Is Nothing To Probe In The Ownership of Osun United – Management

By Editor

The management of Osun United has affirmed that it is laughable to read in the news that ownership of the club has become a distant mirage to be unravelled through a probe despite tangible evidences of transfer of ownership of Prime FC to the present Osun United which are properly kept at relevant offices at the Sports Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Governor’s Office, Abere.

The management, in a statement by the President, Chief Ademola Adesina, while reacting to a purported attempt to probe ownership of the club said efforts should have been made to embark on proper findings at relevant offices, even as people involved in the transfer of ownership from Prime Football Club to Osun United are alive, hale and hearty and are readily available to enlighten those who are oblivious of the truth, had they been approached or contacted.

“We still maintain that the present Osun United FC is owned by the state government of Osun and necessary documentation was done between the State Government and Osogbo Local Government, who with mutual consent, transferred ownership of Prime FC to Osun United in 2012. In fact, coach of Prime FC during that time, Ademola Adesina is the present Club President, who even supported late Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi to be the pioneer President of the club while the former General Manager, Mr. Gbenga Ololade is another living witness and can be of help if contacted.”

As explained in the earlier statement, the management maintained that “other fact to back this up is that the present Governor Gboyega Oyetola was the Chief of Staff then, and was aware of the whole process up till 2017, when the name, Prime FC metamorphosed to Osun United, having followed due process. Besides, the late football icon and pioneer President of the club, Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi (of blessed memory) was a veteran football administrator for donkey years and could not have partaken in hanky panky deals,” said the statement.

On the defunct Osun United whose registration at CAC is being tagged around, the management hinted that the said club was a different entity which does not concern the present board.

“As being speculated around, we also heard that there was one Osun United during the Military Administration in Osun but it’s quite different from the present one and the two had no correlation. As we made our findings, we urge those who have contrary opinions to also do their findings instead of relying on unverified information from some quarters”.

“Stakeholders during the first Osun United era at the Sports Council, Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as players of the club in question are alive, hale and hearty and can provide solutions to what is not clear if they are approached.”

“We therefore want to believe that the purported probe, which to us is uncalled for, would not be a strategy at slowing down the newly constituted management of Osun United or a distraction to the good performance, unity and gradual progress of the team under the present management formally constituted by the Sports loving Governor Gboyega Oyetola,” the statement concluded.


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