Why We Voted Against Asisat Oshoala – NFF Reps Defend ‘Betrayal’


Why We Voted Against Asisat Oshoala – NFF Reps Defend ‘Betrayal’

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Some officials of the Nigerian Football Federation, (NFF), who all voted against Barcelona star, Asisat Oshoala in the recently concluded CAF awards, have responded to the backlash against their ‘betrayal’.

Social media users have been unrelenting in their criticism of NFF Reforms Committee members Osasu Obayiwuana and Chisom Mbonu for betraying their compatriot in unanimously voting for Malawi’s Tabitha Chawingwa as their first choice in the votes.

Defending his decision to vote against the Super Falcons star, Obayiuwana said that he believes that Oshoala is not the best female African footballer at the moment and as such isn’t deserving of the accolade.

“Right, I understand that some members of Nigerian media are unhappy that I didn’t vote for Asisat Oshoala to become the @CAF_Online AFOTY. That’s a shame. But I am not obliged to vote for her.

“Congratulations to her, on yet another title. But in my opinion, Tabitha Chawinga is the best woman footballer in Africa, bar NONE. The only reason she is not winning the AFOTY title is because she’s Malawian. And they don’t play in the @CAF_AWCON.

“Asisat is a damn good footballer, no question. This is not even the point. It’s just that I don’t think she is the best in Africa for 2019. I didn’t make my @CAF_Online Awards selections based on whether the nominee is from Nigeria or not. I voted based on whether I think, on the facts available to me, they are the best in Africa at the present time.”

The NFF official insisted that his duty as a voter was not to Nigeria but to African football. “My duty, as a voter, is not to Nigeria, but to African football. If I think a Nigerian player is the best, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him or her. But I wouldn’t vote for them just because they are Nigerian. I have a professional reputation to protect, in all that I do,” he explained.

Similarly, his colleague, Chisom Mbonu, said she voted against Oshoala based on ‘facts and stats’ and doesn’t mind the backlash.

“I voted the way I felt was right based on facts and stats. The backlash is expected. Even the insults. But, it is everyone’s right to post and feel as they do. I have received praises from people in the past and I will take the bashing now. That’s life,” she wrote on Twitter.

Another target of angry Nigerians is former Falcon, Perpetual Nkwocha, who won the title four times between 2004, 2005, 2010 and 2011. In the vote cast by legends of the game in the continent, Perpetual picked Oshoala as last on her 5 man list while giving her five points to Ajara Nchout of Cameroon.

Apparently, Oshoala is unperturbed by the vote of no confidence, after she tweeted that the snub makes her win sweeter.

Despite the curious snub from her compatriots, Asisat Oshoala was named Africa’s Best Female Player for the fourth time at the CAF Awards ceremony in Egypt on Tuesday 7th January 2020 after the media and other Countries’ football federations voted for her.

Asisat has started of the year 2020 on a brilliant note after scoring two well taken goals over the weekend.


  1. You see in this world being an African with black mind set is totally a disgrace to me all this explanation is out of jealousy just that they envy asisat for this glory so are they happy no Nigerian was in the caf team of the year? How can you ignore your own country man and say u didn’t vote as a Nigerian is only Africa this will happen Asisat should learn from this and if you have this people as your leaders how can the country progress fire burn them all

  2. Good morning Nigerian and happy New year football lovers, I wander why some Nigeria are still interested in collecting money and vote against it follows country man,a committee member in that matter, is a sm.


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