World Athletics Recognition Claim By Gusau Is Manipulated – AFN President


World Athletics Recognition Claim By Gusau Is Manipulated – AFN President

By Niyi Busari

Findings from routine checks show that the claim of affirmation by impeached Ibrahim Gusau as Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) President, by World Athletics is completely false.

According to AFN President, Olamide George, he accused Shehu Ibrahim Gusau to have hijacked the password to the account of the AFN which gives him access to the Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) to manipulate and change information that suites him.

“There is a code, which is the password of the federation’s website, which he (Gusau) hijacked from the former secretary. Since then, he has access to the CAA (Confederation of African Athletics), he can go and put whatever he can put, nevertheless, the IAAF (now WA) is looking into the matter,” George told The PUNCH.

“When you look at other countries in Africa, there is no country using the nomenclature General Director, other countries use Secretary General, these are questions that are begging for answers.

“In line with the AFN constitution, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development shall appoint the secretary for the federation.”

Reliable source from the ministry of sports revealed that Pepple whose name appeared on the WA website as AFN Secretary cannot be the secretary because he is not working with the ministry.

“For instance, there is no way Pepple a non- staff of the Ministry can be Secretary General because it contravenes the provisions of the code of governance to which all federations subscribe to. The Ministry appoints the treasurer and Secretary General.” A reliable source told BSN Sports.

“The AFN constitution which was adopted by its Congress in November 2017 via article 8.7.2 vested the power to appoint and renumerate the Secretary General of the federation in the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria funds the activities of the AFN and 37 other sports federations established under the laws of Nigeria and each federation is run by its elected board members in accordance with its constitution without any form of interference.

“The authentic Secretary General is Adeniyi Beyioku. The WA is fully abreast of the development and also CAA over board developments which members are left to resolve. If unresolved the laid down process is very clear – a fact finding mission.

The reliable sources also revealed that the Ministry is about filing a strongly worded petition to World Athletics on behalf of the Nigerian government on the recent violations of the code of governance and the use of its website to perpetrate unwholesome acts.

The source insists they will not recognize or work with Gusau or Sunday Adeleye. The source added that the federal government is determined to pursue this case to a logical conclusion.

“Gusau has sued the federal government and the ministry over his impeachement. In less two years Gusau has been impeached twice. In 2019 June it took the Ministry to rescue him from being impeached by the same board members.” The source told BSN Sports

The sources also revealed that the ministry asked Gusau to account for government funds he received on behalf of AFN for various tournaments and championships. “It is government and public funds and he must account for it.” He said.

“He must also account for how and how he spent the $3,000 dollars money for the IAAF overpayment saga which he ought not to have touched.” He concluded.

With both factions set to hold the All Comers Athletics Competition in Akure, Ondo State and Ozoro, Delta State for the George and Gusau groups respectively this weekend, George said the population of athletes already in Akure shows he has the support of athletes in the country.


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